I Filmed a Party in the Forest

October 19, 2018

A few of my friends up here in Washington are known for throwing off-the-grid parties deep in the woods and mountains of Northwest Washington. Having been to several of them now, I’m a convert. It’s really kind of an enchanting experience. A vague announcement is made on a Facebook group a few days before, and then directions are posted 24-48 hours prior. At the site, a few vans pull up and they start unloading generators, speakers, lights, and props. Soon the entire area looks like some sort of music festival or a mini Burning Man. Eighteen hours later, the site is completely clean, free of even the trash that was there upon their arrival.

This culture of intimate gatherings in the woods, or “renegades” as they’re referred to around here, is fascinating to me, so I decided to put together a small film for the last one. Seen below: